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Beware the Nation of Indignation

There’s a growing irony afoot.   And it’s this:  At a time when cultural standards are arguably at an all-time low, moral outrage seems to be at an all-time high.  Now I suppose one could question, is that ironic or isn’t that just a logical concurrence?  After all, if standards of behavior are truly sinking, then […]

Teamwork is Lifework, if We Teach it That Way

We’ve all heard it said many times before: sports are a great metaphor for life.  And when it comes to youth sports this may be truer than we appreciate.  Few would argue that participation in sports, especially team sports, offers valuable life lessons for our young people.  In fact, it’s standard rhetoric to recite that […]

Parents to Colorado and Washington: “You’re not helping!”

Well, I’m afraid I’m about to write another article that makes me sound like an old fart again.  I can’t seem to help it.  Perhaps it’s the price one pays as a parent of two college students and a high school freshman.  Then again, perhaps it’s just the price one pays for truly being an […]

Sandy Hook Tragedy – Keep The Discussion Moving

It would be nice to write about something cheerful, inspiring or at least humorous during this time of year, but unfortunately the fingers on the computer keys keep wandering back to Newtown, Ct.    I’m not really sure that there’s any license to address the subject under a blog theme that’s supposed to be dedicated to […]

Finding Faith in Rome (But Not Where You’d Think!)

There are two types of vacations, from my humble perspective.  One is the relaxing type which includes trips like staying at a resort or renting a beach house.  The other involves a schedule of things to do, like a sightseeing trip or going to Disney World.  While both have value in offering worthy diversions from […]

Replacement Ref Madness – Why all the fuss?

At the risk of further inciting an already frenzied mob of NFL football fans, I ask this question:  what’s all the fuss about these replacement NFL referees?  After all, what did you expect? At the end of last night’s Monday night football game between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks, the game came […]

Missing The Legacy of Joe Paterno

I have been delinquent in my blog writing lately.  I suppose I could blame ordinary excuses such as the time constraints of business pursuits, preparations for sending two boys off to college, extensive traveling, or just pure laziness.  But none of that would truly explain my recent absence from writing, not even the laziness.  Not […]

All Star Mania – The Best of The Best, With Some Worst Thrown In

“It’s all about the All Stars.” It’s the sort of proclamation you’d expect to hear from Fox Sports baseball announcers Jack Buck or Tim McCarver during their coverage of the MLB All Star game.  Each year around this same time in early July, baseball mania reaches a fever pitch, as the best baseball players – […]

Leaders Should Feed Their Egos Some Humble Pie

There’s a great battle being waged at this very moment.  It’s a conflict that has existed since the earliest documentation of socialized mankind.  But it’s not the kind of war fought with weapons and armies.  Rather, it’s an internal conflict that each of us must constantly face as we go about our daily business.  And […]

Youth Sports Today – What Would Joe Tomlin Think?

It was the spring of 1984 and my wife (fiancé, back then) Michele and I were finalizing the invitation list for our upcoming wedding that fall.  It was to be a small affair, built on a budget befitting two young twenty-somethings less than a year out of college, whose parents were themselves still hard at […]