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Beware the Nation of Indignation

There’s a growing irony afoot.   And it’s this:  At a time when cultural standards are arguably at an all-time low, moral outrage seems to be at an all-time high.  Now I suppose one could question, is that ironic or isn’t that just a logical concurrence?  After all, if standards of behavior are truly sinking, then […]

Teamwork is Lifework, if We Teach it That Way

We’ve all heard it said many times before: sports are a great metaphor for life.  And when it comes to youth sports this may be truer than we appreciate.  Few would argue that participation in sports, especially team sports, offers valuable life lessons for our young people.  In fact, it’s standard rhetoric to recite that […]

Parents to Colorado and Washington: “You’re not helping!”

Well, I’m afraid I’m about to write another article that makes me sound like an old fart again.  I can’t seem to help it.  Perhaps it’s the price one pays as a parent of two college students and a high school freshman.  Then again, perhaps it’s just the price one pays for truly being an […]

Sandy Hook Tragedy – Keep The Discussion Moving

It would be nice to write about something cheerful, inspiring or at least humorous during this time of year, but unfortunately the fingers on the computer keys keep wandering back to Newtown, Ct.    I’m not really sure that there’s any license to address the subject under a blog theme that’s supposed to be dedicated to […]

Finding Faith in Rome (But Not Where You’d Think!)

There are two types of vacations, from my humble perspective.  One is the relaxing type which includes trips like staying at a resort or renting a beach house.  The other involves a schedule of things to do, like a sightseeing trip or going to Disney World.  While both have value in offering worthy diversions from […]

Replacement Ref Madness – Why all the fuss?

At the risk of further inciting an already frenzied mob of NFL football fans, I ask this question:  what’s all the fuss about these replacement NFL referees?  After all, what did you expect? At the end of last night’s Monday night football game between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks, the game came […]

Missing The Legacy of Joe Paterno

I have been delinquent in my blog writing lately.  I suppose I could blame ordinary excuses such as the time constraints of business pursuits, preparations for sending two boys off to college, extensive traveling, or just pure laziness.  But none of that would truly explain my recent absence from writing, not even the laziness.  Not […]

The “Social” Conscience of America is Alive and Well Among our Nation’s Young People

I made an inspiring discovery this morning by engaging in an activity that is rare for me; I checked my Facebook page.  As Facebook participants go, I must be amongst the poorest representatives, with a list of Friends that is so small it would probably be easier to call each one individually rather than engage […]

Tebow, Paterno and Pope John Paul II – Unlikely Role Models for Modern Day Youth

It’s hard to fathom that we’ll catch Tim Tebow in a TMZ moment any time soon – probably not even in our lifetime, for that matter.  The devout Christian doesn’t drink, doesn’t do drugs and hasn’t even managed to utter one syllable of egocentricity during the hundreds of public interviews about his skyrocketed path to […]

Best Story of 2011? Tim Tebow, of Course.

After all, this is a blog about nice guys finishing first.  Yeah I know, the Broncos lost their last three games, and Tim Tebow looked less than miraculous in those contests.  Okay, to be honest, he actually looked pretty bad by most standards of professional quarterbacking.  But even that fizzling finish can’t diminish the seven-week […]